Message from the St. Stephen-Milltown Rotary
Hello fellow Rotarians,
On Monday Todd and Sandra Gregory, Maria Kulcher and Rick Rogers (Rick joined the Calais Club to help them focus and grow - but he will always be our past secretary, past president and past district governor) were part of the 20 or so people who celebrated the BARR project as developed by the Rotary Clubs of York (President Dr. Marilyn McLaughlin-Murray), Calais (President Charlie McAlpin) and St. Stephen-Milltown (President Todd Gregory).
The room was full of passion as Marilyn spoke on how and why (education got her out of Jamaica, into medical school and to where she is now) she started this project and how Calais was a perfect fit (they were already on the BARR map - this TRF Global Grant was 2 1/2 years in the making) for her goal of education for EVERY child. St. Stephen-Milltown is also the perfect fit since we, as an international, i.e. foreign to the USA, country club can be the necessary conduit for The Rotary Foundation Global Grant - no St. Stephen-Milltown, no grant, no program - simple.
BARR stands for  Building Assets - Reducing Risks and is a program that provides materials, facilitators, counselors, survey results, and in school coordinators that teach teachers how to effectively teach the student as a whole individual - and it works - tracking results have already shown that.
You can all be properly proud, as St. Stephen-Milltown Rotarians, to be part of this process.