Steve Jendzejec was recognized for his international work at the Rotary District World Understanding & Peace Dinner on February 17.

See it:  World Peace and Understanding Video


The York Rotary Club is very proud to name Dr. Stephen Jendzejec for this award.  Steve has spread Peace and Understanding throughout the world by the many projects he has initiated which help those in need.   One such project, in conjunction with Accra East Club in Ghana, resulted in two $25,000 matching grants.   Eight water wells were drilled in remote villages bringing clean drinking water to over 14,000 people.   Just imagine an African mother with a sick baby being able to quench her child’s thirst with clean water.   Another catastrophic event called for help and Steve was one of the first in our club to take action.  He contacted Life and Hope in Haiti and learned that generators were needed.   This lead to the York Rotary Club donating a $9,000 generator to help power a school.  Students from this school plan to come to our club to explain how much this generator meant to them and how it helped change their lives.

Other projects that spread Peace and Understanding:

1.  hosted club’s first international exchange student and then two other students,  

2.  hosted 3 GSE team members, 

3.  initiated our club’s relationship with Friends’ Forever.  

Steve Jendzejec has helped so many people internationally who will never even know his name.  He does it because he cares and believes in the principles of Rotary.    Thank you Steve for all of your great work, you make us all proud to be Rotarians.

Pat Murray, President