Last Friday, we had a wonderful presentation from  Steve Wight of the Bethel Rotary Club and Dickson Ngoma a 23 year old Rotaractor from the Rotary Club in Zambia, regarding the Nsefu Water & Sanitation Project in Zambia.  Dickson grew up in the village of Mfuwe, where clean water is scarce.  Dickson started a project where he's proposing to raised tank systems which have a solar powered pumps.  It is estimated that these systems will cost approximately $5,000.00 each, and they would like to build 4 in total.  With the help of the Bethel Maine Rotary Club and Steve Wight, this project is hoping to be getting a District matching grant to assist in the fundraising.   
To learn more about this exciting project, please visit their Facebook page at