[From today's meeting]I was asked to speak about something meaningful to me.  There are so many things, but in honor of this club I want to talk about why this club is so meaningful to me.  Twenty years ago when Tony Mont asked me to join the York Rotary Club, I said to myself what does Rotary do.  Well, after the first few meetings, I found out that the club did a lot.  Not only did it help with community projects but also state and international.
All these years later, York Rotary Club is still meaningful to me.  My parents always said. "Now, don't brag - not nice."  But I think it is appropriate that sometimes we give ourselves a little pat on the back because the club is all of the members who come to the meetings, sell tickets at the beach, work at the Table of Plenty, help the food pantry, winterize homes for Habitat for Humanity, give scholarships, provided a generator for Haiti, and Rob helping to set up a cancer center in Uganda.  Yes, I am impressed by all this.  One of the most impressive things to me lately was how quickly the sign-up sheet was filled to cook a meal for a fellow Rotarian who was caring for his terminally ill wife.  Sorry, Mom and Dad - had to brag.  But I think you would agree - I am very proud to be a member of this club - for all you do and I get to meet the nicest people.
Pat Murray